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    Custom Window Installation – Murrieta, CA

    High-End Quality Stylish Residential Windows in Murrieta

    Since 1970's, Andy's Glass & Window Company has been serving and providing custom window installation in Murrieta and thereabouts by offering the best quality residential windows, replacement windows etc. at fair prices. Take a look at below to get detailed description about our residential windows.

    Window Manufacturers


    • Milgard
    • Simonton Windows
    • Jeld-Wen
    • PlyGem
    • LaCantina


    • Western Aluminum
    • Jeld-Wen (old WindowMaster)
    • Milgard
    • LaCantina


    • Milgard
    • Andersen
    • E-Series Eagle by Anderson
    • LaCantina


    Residential Doors in Murrieta – Explore Our Collections

    Changing Your Home's Doors is a Quick and Economical Way to Update

    One of the easiest ways to update the look of your home is to swap out an old, tired interior door for a new one. Particularly if you are on a tight budget, obtaining new folding doors for all of the bedrooms in your home will go a long way towards making those rooms look fresh.

    Although they may seem like minor elements in the grand scheme of your entire home, doors are often the first thing than people see, particularly when coming into your home. Therefore, proper entry doors installation is crucial to your home's look.

    Good doors add architectural detail and style to a home. Because we use them every day and touch them frequently, they also create a tactile impression that can be significant. Think of the way that a solid wood door feels when you close or open it. Solid wood folding doors feel very differently, both to the touch, as well as for the overall experience of moving hollow doors made of synthetic materials.

    The great thing about swapping out old doors for new ones is that that when you enhance your entryway, you can actually improve the value of your home as well as its curb appeal. That's why proper entry doors installation is important. If the door gaps, closes improperly or shows other problems, you have defeated the purpose of changing your doors.

    Older folding doors often get a bad rap because of the poor hardware that often is present. This is particularly true with track houses in suburban developments where builders purchased interior doors en masse to save construction costs. With stylish new folding doors, you'll get updated hardware to fully complete the fresh new look in your rooms. You can also keep the advantages these doors offer over sliding doors, allowing more complete access to your closets, yet remaining out of the way of room traffic.

    Changing your entry door will also allow you to get the latest security hardware for your home. While putting in a door is within the ability of many homeowners, letting Andy's do entry doors installation will ensure a proper fit.

    Andy's Glass & Window Company has been crowned among the customers by catering the best timely service and quality residential door products with 100% satisfaction. Take a look at below to get detailed description and FREE estimation about our residential doors.


    • Milgard
    • Thermatru
    • Jeld-Wen
    • Masonite
    • Escon Doors
    • LaCantina
    • Western Window Systems

    Door Types

    • Sliding Doors
    • French Doors
    • Pocket Sliders
    • Entry Doors
    • Bi-Fold
    • Custom Doors
    • Multi-Side

    If you are looking for unique custom doors, wooden entry doors, luxury doors, custom wrought iron doors, and glass specialty doors that can be created to give your home a one of a kind design.

    Entry doors create the first impression of your home. The team at Andys Glass will help guide you in the process of creating a custom wood entry door. Call us today to find out how we can make your custom wood entry door a reality.

    DoorsDoorsMirrors | Mirror Installer Murrieta Mirrors | Mirror Installer Murrieta

    Shower Doors

    Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure Installer in Murrieta

    This is the most popular shower enclosure of them all. The panels are held only by clamps and silicone. The clamps connect to where the glass needs the most support and the silicone helps seal the 1/8" gaps between the walls and panels. One of the big questions when someone gets a quote for an enclosure is: Why are frameless glass shower enclosures more expensive than the framed enclosures?

    There are more fabrication requirements on a frameless enclosure than there are on a framed enclosure. For instance, the panels need holes that are drilled from both sides to provide a nice smooth hole. Anytime there is a glass panel to glass panel setup in an enclosure all components must line up 100% to ensure everything fits together properly upon installation. Framed enclosures do not require as much fabrication.

    Most glass shower enclosure installer provider's offer the clamps in all the common finishes like chrome, gold, brass and brushed nickel. Other finishes are usually available by request.

    Semi Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

    The semi frameless glass shower door uses less framing material and is constructed of thicker metal. It's construction is very stable since it is supported on four sides.

    Since there are many options of semi frameless glass showers you could make the shower stand out with beautiful frame materials or blend in to the theme of the room. Any questions feel free to ask our experienced glass shower enclosure installers.

    Sliding Glass Shower & Tub Enclosure

    Sliding glass shower doors consist of doors that are installed in a row of tracks either on the edge of the shower enclosure. The sliding glass shower doors function by sliding either the front or the rear door along the track to gain access.

    The sliding mechanism is sturdy and sliding doors have many options give you the freedom to design the enclosure to fit the theme of your room.



    Shower DoorsShower DoorsShower DoorsShower DoorsShower DoorsShower Doorscustom bent glass shower temeculaAFTER FRAMLESS STEAM SHOWER OIL RUBBED BRONZE 2Shower DoorsShower Doors

    Glass Railing

    Glass Railing & Windbreak Systems Offered by Andy's Glass & Window Company in Murrieta

    At Andy's Glass & Window Company in Murrieta, we can help find the perfect glass railing and windbreak solution for your building or home. Scroll down to get the detailed description of glass railing & wind break and to get free estimation of glass railing installation in Murrieta.

    Glass RailingGlass RailingGlass RailingGlass RailingGlass RailingGlass Railing

    Mirrors – Mirror Installer Murrieta

    Mirrors are the perfect accent to reflect both your decor and style. You want to make sure you choose the right mirror for your settings and have a professional mirror installer handy. A beautiful mirror can lend character and charm to your bedroom or foyer; it can also add a personal touch to a basic bathroom. Mirrors can provide an additional light source and add a dimension of depth and beauty to any room in your home. Mirroring your walls is an excellent and affordable way to increase the "size" and appearance of any room, without the high cost of remodeling.

    For most people, mirrors are indispensable grooming aids, but they can also be decorating tools to create accents, transform space and dematerialize mass. They can also be used to establish mood, to provide more security and even to help babies develop faster.

    The mirror installer specialist at Andy's Glass & Window Company can craft mirrors to match your exact specifications. From seamed & polished edges to beveled edges, we do it all. No job is too large or too small. Allow the mirror experts at Andy's Glass & Window Company to custom fabricate and professionally install the addition of mirrors to your home.


    Custom Glass

    Enjoy the feeling of being outdoors while inside your own home. Maximize your view with our custom built butt-glazed windows. Butt joined windows provide an element of aesthetic beauty, since you are looking through glass and not hardware or frame. Butt joined windows are usually extra large windows where one monolithic piece of glass will not fill the entire frame of the window. For butt joined windows, we take more than one piece of glass and join it directly to another piece of glass without a vertical frame to divide the two or more pieces of glass. It is glass to glass.

    The term mitered describes the process of joining together two pieces of wood, glass, or other construction material. Mitered corners are fit together from parts cut at an angle. Two pieces cut at a 45 degree angle will fit together to form a 90 degree corner. Mitered windows are very similar but they are for curved or angled openings where we butt join the glass together on a mitered edge to achieve the corner or angled join.

    Mitered windows are very similar to butt joined windows with one main exception. A mitered window application is used for a curved or angled opening where we butt join the glass together on a mitered edge to achieve a corner or angled join. Both butt joined and mitered windows provide superior strength and beauty to your home or business. Call Andy's Glass & Window for a free glass estimate.

    Custom GlassCustom Glass

    Patio Pet Safe Doors in Murrieta

    Leading Manufacturer of Patio pet safe doors in Murrieta

    At Andy's Glass & Window in Murrieta we offer the best "through glass" patio pet safe doors on the market. We have manufactured the only patio pet safe doors that allows your sliding glass door to latch, lock, slide, and function normally with no hindrance to your patio screen.

    For a fusion welded vinyl conversion frame, we design and build it to the same dimensions as the glass in the *sliding panel of your patio door. Available in white or almond, our installers measure and install it just like a normal glass replacement.

    Our system can also replace glass in a variety of applications including sunrooms, swing doors and windows. It can even fit in the fixed panel of some patio doors.

    We are confident we will be able to help with any of your pet door needs. Get a free estimate and start your next glazing project.

    Installing Door | Patio Pet Safe Doors in MurrietaPet Doors
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